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In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a treatment of infertility in which a womens eggs (oocytes) are fertilized by sperm in a laboratary dish. One or more of the fertilized eggs (embryos) are then transferred into the woman’s uterus, where it is hoped they implant and produce a pregnancy.

Ovarian Stimulation

The first step of the IVF procedure involves the use of fertility medications to increase the number of eggs (follicles) that develop in the ovaries and control the time of ovulation... details

Egg Retrieval

Approximately 32 to 36 hours after injecting hCG, a procedure is performed to retrieve the eggs. The physician inserts an ultrasound probe into the vagina and then uses a needle to withdraw the egg... details


After the retrieval procedure, the eggs are combined with sperm in a laboratory dish so they will fertilize. In general, approximately 50 percent of occytes become fertilized... details

Embryo Transfer

Approximaterly two or five days after the retrieval, one or more eggs that have been fertilized (embryos) are placed in the woman’s uterus using a thin, flexible catheter inserted through the cervix... details

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IVF Team

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Ovulation Induction, HSG
Intra Uterine Insemination
In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
Sperm freezing
Embryo freezing

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About Us

Dream flower IVF CENTRE is the first test tube baby centre of north malabar situated in the Heart of kasaragod town

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best fertility clinic in kerala

Fertility Testing to Identify Causes of Female Infertility. Testing for female infertility begins with a conversation about your health history, and progresses from fertility blood tests and sonograms, to non-surgical tests such as hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and, possibly, minimally invasive fertility surgery. While we are testing you for female causes, your fertility doctor will order a semen analysis for your partner to rule out male factors.

Female infertility testing usually takes one menstrual cycle to complete. It’s important to begin this process by focusing on the positive. Most cases of infertility will be resolved with fertility treatment and only a small percentage of women will need advanced reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization, IVF. Our website details the many options you have for overcoming female infertility, with fertility treatments to address ovulation factors, blocked tubes, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage and unexplained infertility.


fertility clinic in kerala

Choose Dreamflower IVF Centre for Comprehensive Diagnosis, Evaluation, & Treatment of Male Infertility. Of the over seven million couples facing infertility, approximately 40 percent have a primary diagnosis of male factor. Here we can offer all couples diagnosed with male factor infertility hope and the advanced treatment necessary to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Conceiving a child is your priority, and helping you identify anything that stands in your way is ours. The doctors at Dreamflower will conduct a complete evaluation to identify the causes of your male infertility. We will order a full semen analysis, endocrine profile, and additional testing if indicated. Depending on the results of these tests, your doctor may refer you to a urologist, who can identify many of the common causes of male infertility including anatomic factors such as an obstruction or varicocele, endocrine factors such as complications from diabetes, and functional factors such as erectile dysfunction.


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Providing state-of-the-art fertility treatments, IVF, Donor Eggs, Donor Sperm and Fertility Preservation Options in Our Dreamflower IVF Centre. Our fertility specialists favor minimally invasive, cost-effective solutions ranging from ovulation induction and artificial insemination to In-vitro Fertilization and preimplantation genetic screening. Rest assured that we will not proceed with fertility treatment until all of the benefits, risks, and costs have been clearly explained to you and we have agreed on a plan that works for you.

If you require in vitro fertilization, we will make sure that you and your partner thoroughly understand every aspect of the procedure, including the possible use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted hatching,preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), and embryo freezing which could allow you the possibility of future frozen embryo transfers.


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